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Norsk Hydro to curb output at 2 Norwegian smelters (200 MW)


27 Sept 2022 15:01

27 Sept 2022 15:01

(Montel)u00a0Norsk Hydro will temporarily reduce production at its aluminium smelters at Karmoy and Husnes in southwestern Norway, a move in response to soaring energy costs and which will cut power consumption by 170-200 MW.

Norsk Hydro to curb output at 2 Norwegian smelters (200 MW)

“The extraordinary situation in the European economy and energy market is causing market uncertainty and a decline in demand for our aluminium products,” said Eivind Kallevik, executive vice president of Hydro Aluminium Metal, in a statement on Tuesday.

“Even if 50 percent of…

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